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Working for many years with the metal processing we have built a specialized machine park that in conjunction with experienced specialists allows us to perform the following services:

Aluminium, stainless steel and brass polishing

Our factory is equipped with two powerful flatbed polishing machines allowing us to perform cost-effective polishing for elements such as profiles, trims, pipes to a length of 500 cm ( 16 ft ).

Brass , stainless steel and aluminium perforation

Technokrak is equipped with a efficient automatic stamping machine which we can cut out patterns in a steel and aluminum profiles. For more demanding tasks as perforation brass and stainless steel we use powerful eccentric press.

High gloss polishing, satin and brush effect surface finish

In order to ensure the comprehensiveness of our services we use 3 stationary polishers  which, combined with dedicated polishing discs make possible to process smaller pieces and give dedicated surface finish.

Cutting profiles to the desired size and  packaging in a protective sleeves


For products processed by us we provide cutting to the desired size which prepares them for the market  To protect the products we mainly use plastic sleeves and cardboard packaging.

Holes and cuntersunk holes drilling


In the profiles entrusted to us we  can drill special holes for the assembly screws with countersunk head.

Electroplating, chrome and nickel plating

Taking care of comprehensive services to our clients we closely collaborate with electroplating which covers polished brass and aluminum with a layer of chromium or nickel. The maximum  length of workpiece electroplated is 290 cm  ( 9,5 ft ).

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